He was filthy and drunk.

Still, he seemed to be a cheerful sort, which was good. Survival of the poorest. Hope is dangerous because it makes grim slaves of us all. We were co-passengers, tourists in an old world visiting a mystery sleeping god.

How far to Rungenath?

The roads are treacherous in the rocks and sand. Donkeys are afraid.

Far from where?

He stared as if he wasn't sure he wished to take offence. So we asked instead: So you are going there too?

He laughed. There's only one way, and that is through this desert. You're going through. I'm going home.

("Object Text 1")

Rendering epiphytes (Susanne Winterling, 2018)

Depth Sensor (Desert Lab Collaboration, 2018)


Future Species

Future Landscapes

Future Materials

Future Architecture

Future Pasts

'Map Prototype Sketch' (The Kalpana, 2018)